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Since its foundation, nearly 150 years ago, the TÜV NORD GROUP has been a global technical service provider, which deals in safety and trust.

TÜV UK Limited forms part of the TÜV NORD Group, with a workforce of more than 10,000; we are one of the world’s largest technical service providers.

We owe our leading market position to our technical competence and a wide range of engineering support, testing and servicing activities in the Systems, Mobility, Certification, Energy and Systems Engineering, Academy and International Divisions.

TÜV UK Ltd founded in 1979 with the addition of TÜV UK Quality Assurance in 1995 to meet the growing demands of quality management systems and their implementation in a targeted and success orientated manner. The company therefore dealt with the growing demands in the British industry for increased quality, safety, reliability and efficiency.

Our International presence

With over 10,000 employees in more than 70 countries of Europe, Asia, America and Africa, the TÜV NORD Group is actively committed to its national and international customers. Its broad consulting, service and testing/inspection portfolio encompasses both specific individual tests/inspections and management of complex safety solutions.

The TÜV NORD Group comprises of the following divisions: Mobility, Industrial Services, International, Natural Resources, Training, and Human Resources. As a customer-oriented competence centre, it is in constant contact with its customers for analysing, consulting, developing individual solutions and joint implementation with the customer. TÜV NORD Group customers benefit from the broad, well-founded expertise of the consultants and inspectors. Through their understanding of the subject and the customer, the employees form the backbone of the company’s success.


As a technical service provider, TÜV NORD is active in the TICET (testing, inspection, certification, engineering, and training) market. The activities of the Group are concentrated in six business units and Holding/Services. The activities in the Natural Resources, Aerospace and IT business units complement the traditional TÜV work in the Industrial Services, Mobility and Training business units. This allows the TÜV NORD GROUP to offer unparalleled support and care to its customers in every aspect of their business activities.

  • The certification, service and testing portfolio of the companies in the Industrial Services business unit includes specific individual tests and the management of complex security solutions. In this field we also serve testing and certification worldwide for the food, feed and near-food sectors. We have food safety experts for all relevant industries from agriculture, processing, logistics to the retail business.
  • The Mobility business unit offers numerous services, such as vehicle and driving tests, vehicle assessments, solutions for used car management and development-related consulting for the automotive sector.
  • The core activities of the Training business unit are vocational education and training for specialists and managers, along with publicly funded training measures.
  • The companies in the Natural Resources business unit provide testing, consulting, planning metrological and development services in the mining, oil and gas, infrastructure and construction sectors along with plant construction.
  • The Aerospace business unit is involved in activities concerning the procurement, modification, testing and certification of electronic components for the aerospace industry.
  • The services of the IT business unit include the testing and certification of all IT products and components, as well as training in selected security and quality issues in the areas of IT security, IT quality and IT infrastructure.

The TÜV NORD GROUP, with its management company TÜV NORD AG, embraces 84 companies, 39 of them domiciled in Germany and 45 abroad.

Your reputation is our business

Food safety is now a days more important than ever, and has become a top priority for food producers and suppliers – from farm to fork. Many wholesalers and retailers insist on a current food safety certificate before acceptance of producer into the supply chain. The certificate is therefore essential for all those wishing to participate in the industry.

TÜV NORD is a market leader when it comes to certification based on standards such as IFS and BRC. Our internal quality assurance system guarantees that we hold current accreditation for all the relevant standards, and that our clients can trust our expertise and reliability at all times for risk analysis, evaluation of HACCP concepts and control of HACCP and management system implementation. We make our world safer – for you, your clients and for end consumers. Our auditors are both knowledgeable and experienced in the areas of food safety and quality, holding degree-level qualifications in agriculture, food management and food technology