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Created in 1884, Alland & Robert is a family company based in Normandy, France. The company is an international leader on the acacia gum market, an entirely natural additive or ingredient mainly used in the agri-food industry, the pharmaceutical company and the cosmetics. In 2016, Alland & Robert generated a turnover of 40 million euros, of which 86 per cent globally in 69 countries through 37 distributors. The society tripled its turnover in 10 years, and pursued its progression to increase its capacities (about 15 million euros in 10 years). The company employs 70 people on three sites in France: two factories located in the departments of the Eure, in Port-Mort and Saint-Aubin-sur-Gaillon, and its Parisian site where are based the company’s leading and commercial teams.

Alland & Robert is headquartered in Paris and has two facilities in Normandy. In 2015, Alland & Robert produced over 13,000 tons of Gum Acacia. Alland & Robert provides customers with a fully dedicated R&D team, research programs and exclusive partnerships with globally recognised universities.

Acacia gum is a 100 per cent natural hydrocolloid that embodies today’s market trends: multifunctional, sustainable and natural. It is also a natural fiber alternative that is used in dairy and dietary products in the health, food and pharmaceutical industry.

Alland & Robert offers both senegal and seyal grades of gum acacia, useful for many applications: 

  • Confectionery: regular and sugar free coating, gum drops
  • Flavors: emulsions, encapsulation, bulking agent
  • Beverage: emulsions, stabilisations
  • Wine: stabilisation of coloring matters, mouth feel improvement
  • Dairy products: fiber claim
  • Dietary products: soluble fiber, health benefit
  • Snacking: natural glue
  • Bakery: extruded products
  • Pharmaceutical products: coating, tableting
  • Cosmetics: thickening agent
  • Technical: carbonless paper, agglomerating agents

Furthermore, Alland & Robert is the leader of gum karaya, mainly used in the pharmaceutical industry.

As an expert in gum acacia and gum karaya, Alland & Robert offers extensive products and services:

  • Safe and sustainable supplying – traceability of raw material
  • High production and storage capacity – security and stability
  • Dedicated lab and R&D team – experts in gum acacia
  • Strong worldwide distributor network – flexibility and proximity