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About Bactoforce

Preventing microbiological hazards caused by defects in production equipment has been at the core of Bactoforce’s expertise for the past 20 years. Today Bactoforce is the European market leader in inspections of tanks, heat exchangers, pipes, spraytowers and other equipment in the food industry.

By having local offices established in most northern European countries and inspectors located in the different regions, Bactoforce aims to be close to our customers to optimise travelling distance and response time.

Bactoforce offers a wide range of non-destructive inspections of processing equipment to help identify and prevent microbial hazards in your products. Our inspection methods are proven over the past 25 years. Today, Bactoforce carries out more than 10.000 inspections yearly, giving our inspectors a unique experience in broad range of different equipment and industries. We believe that combining proven methods and experienced people is the key to success.

Our inspection methods are applicable for tanks, sprayer dryer towers, heat exchangers, pipes and open surfaces. External validation of your equipment is relevant from delivery (acceptance test) and throughout the lifetime of the equipment.

Applications & Methods