Berndorf Band Group

Leobersdorfer Straße 26
2560 Berndorf, Austria

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+43 2672 800 0


The Berndorf Band Group has with over 90 years of experience attained the position of a world leading manufacturer in steel belt production, engineering of belt systems and worldwide service.

As an international company with more than 400 employees worldwide, Berndorf Band Group offices are strategically located around the globe in Asia, Europe, and North and South America, to be as close as possible to the customers. The group consists of the parent company Berndorf Band GmbH (AUT) and their eight subsidiaries:

  • Berndorf Band Engineering GmbH (AUT)
  • Berndorf Sondermaschinenbau GmbH (AUT)
  • Berndorf Steel Belt Systems Ltd., Co. (KOR)
  • Nippon Belting Systems Co., Ltd. (JPN)
  • Berndorf Belt Technology USA Inc. (USA)
  • SBS Steel Belt Systems USA Inc. (USA)
  • Berndorf Band Latinoamerica S.A.S. (COL)
  • Beijing Berndorf Technology Development China Co., Ltd. (CHN)

The Berndorf Band Group produces high quality steel belts in customized execution: stainless-, carbon- and titanium steel belts as well as belt systems for a wide range of industries are available. By bundling up the strengths of all group members and in partnership with customers, tailor-made solutions are provided. The combination of top materials, accurate work and convincing quality established the Berndorf Band Group as the leading full-service supplier of steel belts and belt systems with a total focus on the customers’ needs. Specifically, in the food and baking industry, high loads and no downtimes are a must. Compared to other materials, the stability during production and the longer lifetime of a steel belt, fulfill the requirements of the industry and decrease the risks of production stops.

Additionally, a broad and global service network enables the company to provide the customers with prompt assistance. Using the latest technologies and continuously developing new service equipment, a long lifetime of their extensive product portfolio is ensured.

Berndorf Band Group offers your complete steel belt solution!