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Forbo Siegling GmbH
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Not always obvious at first glance, but Forbo Movement Systems ensures that your intralogistics and production workflows run to perfection. Our solutions are very efficient, precise and reliable. As an expert in the development of industry-specific and future facing conveyor and processing belts as well as high efficiency flat belts for power transmission drives, our services are in demand all over the world.

Forbo Movement Systems is a division of the Forbo Group. The company’s headquarters are located in Baar, Switzerland, in the Canton of Zug. The company is listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange. Forbo is a global player whose two divisions, Forbo Flooring Systems and Forbo Movement Systems, serve a wide variety of industries. The Movement Systems division has become a leading global provider of high-quality conveyor and processing belts, plastic modular belts, first-class power transmission belts and both timing and flat belts made of synthetic materials. These belts are used in a wide variety of applications in both industry and commercial enterprises and service companies, for instance as conveyor and processing belts in the food industry, as treadmills in gyms or as flat belts in letter sorting systems. Movement Systems employs around 2,400 people. Our international network of branches and service partners means we have warehouses and workshops in over 80 countries.

Our main markets are

■ Food industry Food processing, agriculture and packaging sectors

■ Logistics, airports Intralogistics, distribution centers, baggage sorting

■ Industrial production Automotive, tires, chemicals, energy, steel- and metalworking industries

■ Raw materials Building materials, wood and stone

■ Textile industry Yarn manufacturing, nonwovens, textile printing

■ Paper industry Paper production and processing as well as letter sorting

■ Printing industry Rotary printing, sheet-fed printing, digital printing and post-press

■ Sport and leisure Treadmill belts, belts for ski lifts and other leisure activities

■ Tobacco industry Raw tobacco and cigarette manufacturing