Meating demand with the A-UK FTA Trade agreement

Clare Le explains how the Australia-UK Free Trade Agreement enhances red meat choices for UK consumers with safe, sustainable and reliable Australian beef and lamb.

This allows for 20,616 MT of tariff-free beef imports and 14,726 MT of sheep meat imports in 2023, both of which have been prorated for the shortened year. However, quotas for beef and sheep meat are set to incrementally increase annually through to 2030.

The resulting growth in supply of Australian beef and sheep meat to the market means British consumers can enjoy more choice in the safe and sustainable red meat options available to them, that match the quality they are accustomed to.

Meat & Livestock Australia’s UK business manager, Stephen Edwards, says the trade deal has opened up opportunities for Australia’s reliable and trusted red meat products, raised under the sustainability, traceability and animal welfare credentials that the British expect from their own red meat industry.

“Setting a place at the table for Aussie red meat provides British foodservice and retail sectors with a trusted option when looking for a greater range of premium product. We will service some of the import requirements for the UK and offer a point of difference,” said Edwards.