How to end hunger in the US? Work with us!

Diane Letson from US hunger relief charity Feeding America shares her belief that more can be done to deliver the huge volumes of wasted food in the US to hungry American mouths.

As one of the largest global food producers along with China, India and Brazil, and as a country with ample food abundance, the disparity in America between the ‘haves’ and ‘have nots’ in terms of food security continues to weigh on me as a hunger relief worker.

The US grows and manufactures enough food for every person in the country to be adequately fed. In fact, we produce so much food that we are the largest exporter of food, accounting for 10 percent of global exports in 2020.1  According to Feeding America, 34 million people face hunger in the US, including more than nine million children. In 2021 during the COVID-19 pandemic, 53 million US citizens turned to food banks and community programmes for food assistance. Aside from the increased need during the pandemic, current levels of food security in America are not improving significantly. When I started working for Feeding America 26 years ago, the food bank network was assisting one in 10 Americans; today, we are serving one in six.