Protecting supply chains and consumers in today’s world

Supply chains are challenged and we must continue to remain vigilant to protect consumers against food safety risks, writes Noeleen Donegan, Global VP of Food Safety for Kerry.

When one of the UK’s major fertiliser plants announced it would be halting production this summer, the immediate concern raised by the food and drink industry was its impact on carbon dioxide supply – used widely in meat production, food packaging and carbonated drinks.

To manage this, manufacturers have had to establish new lines of supply and, as disruption persists and prices increase due to outweighed demand, many are searching for the most cost‑effective sources.

Three months on, we are now hearing calls for food manufacturers to prioritise quality checks when choosing new carbon dioxide suppliers to minimise the food fraud risk of carcinogens entering the food supply chain.

These recent carbon dioxide shortages demonstrate the knock-on effect of one isolated change in the supply chain – impacting manufacturers and customers for months, even years. The need to rethink supply networks in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic has been well reported, however, with this comes the need to preserve food safety and remain vigilant to food fraud.