The ingredient you’ll need to conquer the ‘natural’ food and drink trend

Christelle Mouteyen-Migaud discusses the opportunity the ‘naturalness’ trend affords to food and drink producers and how natural yeast ingredients might play a crucial part in winning consumers’ hearts.

Naturalness is a major trend in the food industry. Consumers are increasingly seeking natural foods for reassurance of quality; in fact, 66 percent of European consumers consider naturalness to be an important purchase criterion.* As a result, around the world, more food and beverage products are being launched with claims such as ‘all natural’, ‘100 percent natural’, ‘from natural origin’, and so on. Organic, vegan and non-GMO claims are among the most powerful in this trend.

Most people associate naturalness with quality, safety, confidence and reliability; however the term lacks an official definition and a clear global regulatory framework. The perceived definition of natural is largely determined by local laws and individual opinions. This can be perplexing for consumers, especially given that the naturalness of a product is affected by numerous factors, including geographical zone, changing consumer sensibilities, product origin and manufacturing process.

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*References included in full article.