Let’s go ento!

Insects are about to become part of our western everyday meals. Here, Iwan Tamm from plant- and insect-based pet food brand Percuro tells how our furry friends are taking the lead.

Have you heard about entomophagy? It’s the technical term for eating insects; something you may not have considered if living in a western country. However, for some cultures the act of eating bugs is as normal as diving into a packet of crisps – about two billion people currently eat insects as part of their diet.1

Insects are becoming an increasingly important alternative source of protein due to the rising cost of traditional animal protein, food insecurity, climate change and global population growth.
These creepy crawlers contain high-quality protein, vitamins, minerals and have the additional benefit of being ‘planet friendly’ due to the higher food conversion rate. Essentially, they need much less feed to produce the same amount of protein as cattle.

With insects being a nutritious, sustainable and delicious food source, it’s no surprise that they’re expected to become more mainstream…but why are dogs and cats taking the lead on this?