The latest buzz in honey testing

Liquid chromatography coupled to quadrupole time-of-flight (LC-Q/TOF) is proving one of the most comprehensive methods for testing food authenticity, according to Dr Stéphane Bayen, an Associate Professor in the Department of Food Science and Agricultural Chemistry at McGill University.

Food fraud is a major concern for both consumers and producers alike. The scale of the problem and its potential ramifications means the issue is one of international importance as the foodstuffs targeted by the fraudsters often have a global footprint. The COVID-19 pandemic has only exacerbated the problem, revealing dangerous vulnerabilities in our global food system.

Unscrupulous producers and distributors are flooding certain markets with adulterated, low-quality, or mislabelled foodstuffs. This is not only damaging the livelihoods of legitimate businesses, but also risking the health of consumers.