How to build a culture of food safety

Jeannie Shaughnessy, CEO of PTNPA, explores what it takes to create a food safety culture and why it matters, offering helpful insights along the way.

When food safety culture becomes a core business component, it builds brand integrity, and creates common purpose and pride. Within such an environment, every person – from front office to front line – owns the privilege of being a part of this culture and the responsibility for making it work. But how is that accomplished and why is it important?

Food safety culture: perspectives

Built on a foundation of best practices, standards and regulatory compliance, a culture of food safety ultimately exists when dedication to food safety becomes an undeniable priority. When present, this culture serves as a point of pride for everyone in an organisation. Everyone must arrive at a place where they sincerely and consistently consider food safety as integral to all aspects of an organisation. The most authentic cultures that are committed to food safety do so because it’s simply the right thing to do.