New Food Issue 5 2021

Issue 5 2021 of New Food is now online! Catch up with all the latest food safety stories, read about the biggest trends in dairy, and discover what our pets may be eating in the future.

The pandemic influenced our purchasing decisions almost overnight; ordinarily, a shift in behaviour takes time but, on this occasion, there wasn’t any time to mull it over. The industry was presented with a unique opportunity to instigate change – immediately. And as we continue our embarkation to the ‘new normal’, some of the different habits we have adopted will remain.

In this issue, we have a number of articles which explore new consumer behaviours and how Covid has impacted the food we eat. For example, on page 76 Upfields expert Sam Thomas reveals the trends of the dairy sector, citing that two-thirds of Brits have made changes to their shopping baskets since lockdown, with the younger generation switching out the most items. 

But it’s not just what we buy, it’s also how. On page 56 we hear from Arla about the company’s e-commerce evolution and the ways an online store differs from a brick and mortar one. 

Also included in this edition:

    Ferrero’s John Carter explores how crisis management has evolved following the COVID-19 pandemic
    The next era of pet food could be cultured meat; we hear from Because, Animals’ CEO Shannon Falconer
    Read expert analysis from Lactalis on the past, present and future of the British cheese market
    Nabati’s Food Co-Founder discusses the rules surrounding food allergens in Canada and how the brand is helping to fill an important market gap
    Coca-Cola’s Vice President of Quality, Safety and Environment, Zoltan Syposs highlights technology that could revolutionise the way manufacturers manage food safety risks.