Application Note: How to cope in a fast-moving environment

In today’s uncertain and fast-moving world, food and beverage companies have to innovate more quickly than ever to simply exist. Siemens offers insight to help companies manage.

Digitalisation, regulations, new consumer behaviours, complex supply chains, fierce competition – it’s a fast-moving world out there. In order to stay competitive in this global market and keep consumers loyal to their brands, manufacturers need to innovate continuously, developing new products, applications and entering novel markets.

Consumers are becoming more health- and environmentally conscious, and as such, require products to be healthy, safe and sustainable. They also expect a greater choice of products delivered in larger arrays of pack types and sizes.

Moreover, we are witnessing a simultaneous call for premium quality products and low prices for standard lines. Customers are demanding greater transparency in order to assure them about the quality and authenticity of the product, as well as to be able to select a more sustainable supplier over another one. On top of that, the industry is becoming increasingly regulated, which has also served to impact product development and the supply chain.