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World Water Day: Message on a bottle

Industry news  •  22 March 2017  •  New Food

One Water, which pours profits into clean water projects worldwide, uses test packaging to urge consumers to ‘drink and think’.

App note: Water activity in confectionery

Whitepapers, Z Homepage Promo  •  13 December 2016  •  Markus Bernasconi, Sales Director Water Activity, Novasina AG and Andréa Pernot-Barry, CEO, Data Sweet Online GmbH

In this whitepaper Novasina discuss how each candy present enormous challenges for all confectionery manufacturers but unfortunately are part of reality…

Emerging contaminants in the water we drink

Issue 5 2016  •  14 October 2016  •  Dr. Ulrich Kreuter, Technical Manager, NSF

People consume water from a wide variety of sources within the aquatic ecosystem and the control of contamination is an important issue…

Romer Labs launches water-based total fumonisins test kit

Industry news  •  4 October 2016  •  New Food

Romer Labs expands its recently launched AgraStrip WATEX product line with the introduction of a water-based total fumonisins test kit…

Sulzer expands portfolio to cover clean water applications

Industry news  •  29 September 2016  •  New Food

Traditionally focusing on the desalination and wastewater market, Sulzer has announced it will be expanding its product portfolio to cover clean water applications…

Innovative new Nestlé Vera Naturae plant opens in Castrocielo

Industry news  •  5 July 2016  •  Victoria White, Digital Content Producer

Sanpellegrino Group has officially inaugurated the new production site for Nestlé Vera Naturae mineral water bottling in Castrocielo, Italy…

Nestlé Waters inaugurates Switzerland’s largest biogas plant

Industry news  •  9 June 2016  •  Victoria White, Digital Content Producer

The heat produced by the plant will be consumed in the Nestlé Waters bottling plant at Henniez, whose proportion of renewable energy will exceed 50%…

DRINKmaple proves there is more to maple than syrup

Industry news  •  23 May 2016  •  Victoria White, Digital Content Producer

DRINKmaple have just launched a PR and social media marketing campaign looking to educate UK consumers on the benefits of maple water…

Nestlé Waters and Abyssinia Springs in Ethiopian bottled water joint venture

Industry news  •  3 May 2016  •  Victoria White, Digital Content Producer

Nestlé Waters and the owners of Abyssinia Springs have announced the creation of a joint venture to carry out bottled water activities in Ethiopia…

The importance of water quality for distilleries

Issue 1 2016  •  22 February 2016  •  Jeff Arnett, Master Distiller, Jack Daniel’s

The founder of the Jack Daniel Distillery, Jasper Newton ‘Jack’ Daniel, was known for his belief that “every day we make it, we’ll make it the best we can”. This tradition continues to guide the way that Jack Daniel’s makes its Tennessee whiskey. Resource conservation has been part of this tradition since 1866, and Jack Daniel’s has now depended on the same natural cave spring water to make Jack Daniel’s for 150 years…

Sanpellegrino announces new bottled water smart factory

Industry news  •  11 December 2015  •  Victoria White

Sanpellegrino Group, part of Nestlé Waters, has announced a new industrial project in Castrocielo, Italy, for the production of Nestlé Vera (Naturae) mineral water…

Princes invests £15m to extend Aqua Pura bottled water plant

Industry news  •  12 November 2015  •  Victoria White

Work has begun on the project, which will include a factory extension to accommodate a new bottling line…

Whitepaper: Do you control your product quality or are you controlled by it?

Whitepapers  •  1 September 2015  •  Novasina

Understand why one of the most neglected parameters in the food quality control world is water activity measurement…

GLOBALG.A.P. Launches sustainability module for feed mills

Featured news  •  26 August 2015  •  GLOBALG.A.P.

The Responsible Operations Standard (ROS), puts feed mills at the forefront of sustainability…

“Drinkable book” eliminates water-borne bacteria

Industry news  •  18 August 2015  •  Victoria White

A scientist has developed an inexpensive, simple and easily transportable nanotechnology-based method to purify drinking water…

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