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Food Standards Scotland statement on the release of the Dunsyre Blue E. coli O157 report

Industry news  •  29 March 2017  •  Food Standards Scotland

Food Standards Scotland fully supports report that concludes that Dunsyre Blue cheese was the source of the E. coli O157 outbreak

Fighting Food Fraud in 2017: Interview with Gavan Wafer, National Food Crime Unit

Blogs, Industry news, Z Homepage Promo  •  29 March 2017  •  Roy Manuell | Digital Editor; Gavin Wafer | Head of Crime Operations | National Food Crime Unit

Gavan Wafer, Head of Crime Operations at the National Food Crime Unit offers his insight into tackling food fraud in the 21st Century.

Camouflage apples: an exciting new quality assurance spy

Industry news  •  23 March 2017  •  Empa

A sensor developed at Empa solves this problem. It looks like a piece of fruit and acts like a piece of fruit – but is actually a spy.

Salmon with side effects: The problem with Chile’s rivers

Industry news  •  23 March 2017  •  Helmholtz Centre For Environmental Research - UFZ

Aquacultures are polluting Chile’s rivers and thus salmon stocks with a cocktail of dissolved organic substances…

Brazilian President to reassure the world following meat scandal

Industry news  •  23 March 2017  •  New Food

Michel Temer, the Brazilian President, aims to reassure foreign trade partners that despite an ongoing corruption scandal scouring the nation, its meat industry will not be affected.

IFST updates Information Statement on Acrylamide in foods

Industry news  •  9 March 2017  •  New Food

IFST has updated its Information Statement on Acrylamide suggesting that one approach does not meet every product requirement…

An essential guide to food safety challenges in the 21st Century

Blogs, Industry news, Z Homepage Promo  •  24 February 2017  •  Roy Manuell | Digital Editor

New Food brings you a 21st Century update on developments and improvements in food safety…

Food Analysis In-Depth Focus 2017

Issue 1 2017, Supplements, Z Homepage Promo  •  17 February 2017  •  New Food

Loop-mediated isothermal nucleic acid amplification (LAMP) for food microbiology testing; Best practice for crystallisation kinetics measurements via NMR; and MyToolBox – the smart way to tackle mycotoxins…

Leaders’ Series 2017 with Nestlé: Food Safety: Room for improvement

Issue 1 2017, Z Homepage Promo  •  17 February 2017  •  John O'Brien, Nestlé Health Science

Nestlé Health Science’s John O’Brien gives us his insight and predictions for 2017…

Regulation: In a global modern food system…

Issue 1 2017  •  17 February 2017  •  Garry Moseley, Director, Food & Drink Practice, Arthur J. Gallagher

A new set of rules is on the horizon as the Food Standards Agency (FSA) gets underway with its restructure of food safety regulation in the UK…

The glow of food dye can be used to monitor food quality

Industry news  •  16 February 2017  •  American Institute of Physics (AIP)

Can food dyes really enable us to better monitor and keep tabs on food safety and quality control? New research opens up new possibilities…

HACCP temperature meter PCE-IR 100 for contact and non-contact measurement

Featured news  •  3 January 2017  •  PCE Instruments UK Ltd

HACCP principles have become frequently used throughout the UK and are becoming more and more common in many other countries around the world…

Guarantee it’s antibiotic free with Randox Food Diagnostic’s Antibiotic Residue Screening

Featured news  •  9 December 2016  •  Randox Food Diagnostics

Randox Food Diagnostics is proud to present a comprehensive screening range for the detection and quantification of antibiotic drug residues within food and animal samples, ideal for companies running an antibiotic free programme…

Do supply chain worries keep you up at night?

Featured news  •  8 November 2016  •  NSF International

TraQtion has been developed by NSF International, taking best practice from over 70 years of product safety and quality experience, to provide companies with full visibility of their product, supplier and process information…

PCE Instruments introduce new inline moisture sensor for food and other media

Featured news  •  4 November 2016  •  PCE Instruments

In 2015, PCE Instruments introduced some new moisture sensors for inline measurement to reduce machine downtime in production processes and thus operating and maintenance costs, and also to ensure consistent product quality…


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