METTLER TOLEDO announce e-learning moisture analysis course

13 August 2015  •  Author(s): Katie Sadler, Digital Content Producer, New Food

METTLER TOLEDO, supplier of precision instruments and services, has announced a new online course on improving the accuracy of moisture content analysis.

Mettler Toledo announces e-learning moisture analysis course

The new course called ‘What Everybody Ought to Know about Moisture Analysis’, allows participants to earn a certificate that can be printed for internal tracking and is currently free for a limited time. This type of backup can be particularly helpful when working to obtain Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) qualification.

The course covers important topics such as common analysis methods, moisture analyser installation and cleaning, optimum sample handling, and how to develop a consistent and reliable moisture analysis method. Strategies discussed include choosing the best location for analyser installation, how external lab influences can affect results, and how to design methods that provide accurate results even in tricky environments such as fume hoods.

Premium moisture analysers such as METTLER TOLEDO’s professional series will also be explored. These robust products offer real-time drying curves which can be helpful when fine-tuning methods. Additionally, these next-generation analysers make analysis easy: just choose a pre-programmed drying method, add sample, and press start. Results are shown clearly on the screen in real-time; with green indicating they meet predefined tolerances.

In essence, the course has been designed to help users enhance yields and reduce waste while learning how moisture analysers can help promote success. 

The moisture e-learning course can be found here.

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