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Trade Continuity during and after the transition period

The agreed 21-month transition framework provides assurances that UK companies can continue trading across the EU under normal conditions, until January 2021. What changes need to take place during this transition period, and what steps should be considered to pre-empt the new terms and minimise potential disruptions? This session will also look at the latest […]

Brexit: The legal steps to the land of hope and glory

Brexit presents a hugely complex and significant constitutional change and its impact across the UK remains, in many areas of business, an unknown quantity. This presentation discusses the affect this is expected on the UK import and export trade and explores some of the legal changes and challenges facing the F&B industry.

Morning break in the exhibition area

The following companies will be featured in the exhibition area; SOFHT – Stand 1 SCI – Stand 2 CRN – Stand 3 ALP – Stand 4 BMPA – Stand 5  

What Food Security challenges should we be prioritising?

There is a growing need to improve the level of security and self-sufficiency within the UK food system and Brexit might present an opportunity to do so, however failure to prioritise F&B in negotiations will see a huge impact to the level of our food security. What changes can we expect to witness with the […]

Focus on Farming

Brexit and the CAP withdrawal will offer UK farmers the opportunity to change and be more innovative in their farming methods, but it may result in them struggling to remain competitively priced and the potential loss of a lower-cost seasonal workforce. What steps can be taken to support farmers as they plan for the future, […]

Brexit Update

With the transition period for Brexit now agreed, and a large part of the European Commission Draft Withdrawal Agreement approved, what does this mean for the F&B sector in the run up to December 2020, and what does the future look like from January 2021?