Event Partners

The Society of Food Hygiene and Technology

The Society of Food Hygiene and Technology, affectionately known as SOFHT, is recognised throughout the food industry as a professional body covering all aspects of hygiene, including food industry hygiene and cleaning technologies, and related technical management requirements such as food legislation and quality management systems.

The International Meat Trade Association

The International Meat Trade Association is the leading trade association in facilitating the trade in meat, both exports and imports. We represent importers and exporters of beef, lamb, pork and poultrymeat.

The British Soft Drinks Association

The British Soft Drinks Association represents UK producers of soft drinks, including carbonated drinks, still and dilutable drinks, fruit juices and bottled waters.


CRN UK is leading the industry at national, European and international level in the focus and quality of its technical and scientific work.

The British Poultry Council

The British Poultry Council is the trade association for those involved in the production of poultry meat – chicken, turkey, duck, and goose – in the UK.


Seafish is a Non-Departmental Public Body (NDPB) set up by the Fisheries Act 1981 to improve efficiency and raise standards across the seafood industry.

Association of Labour Providers

The Association of Labour Providers is a specialist trade association for labour providers, promoting responsible recruitment to ensure the provision, use and management of labour is recognised as a model of good practice…