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Delores Perez – Marin

Full-Professor, University of Cordoba (College of Agriculture and Forestry Engineering, ETSIAM), Spain

Lola has a PhD in Agriculture Engineering. She is Vice-dean in International Relations and Full-Professor in “Non-destructive Spectral Sensors for Quality, Safety and Traceability of Agro-Food Products”. She works in the digital transformation of the agri-food sector and is a recognized expert in the use non-destructive spectral sensors applied to food quality, process control and livestock precision issues. One of her main expertise is linked to the processing of spectral bigdata with multivariate analysis tools and nonlinear methods. This research has resulted in well over 200 publications, with 94 of these in top quality journals.

Lola has experience in the scientific co-ordination of R&D projects related to NIR sensors, and in technology transfer. She is a member of the Council Management Committee and the President of the Educational Group of ICNIRS. She was awarded with the International Tomas Hirschfeld Award 2014 for her relevant contribution in the field of NIR spectroscopy.