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Mário Gadanho

Global Food Molecular Business Development Manager, SGS Molecular, TecLabs – Centro de Inovação, Portugal

Mário has over 20 years’ experience in the DNA-based area and has worked in several research centres and universities before he co-founded Biopremier in 2003. Since then, his focus is the food industry working with contract laboratories, retailers, suppliers and manufacturers. His main areas of expertise are on food microbiology, quality and authenticity.

Mário joined SGS in January 2017 after the acquisition by SGS and now holds the post of global business development manager. Presently, he is the expert of the ISO Technical committee 34, sub-committee 16 on horizontal methods for molecular biomarker analysis applied to food products. More recently, he was nominated as one of the experts proposed by AFNOR to integrate the ISO TC34/SC16/WG8 based on meat speciation. In this Working Group (WG) he is the project leader of the new ISO/AWI 22949:2018 standard focused on the use of DNA sequencing methods (including NGS) for species identification. The development of new tools based on untargeted species screening by DNA analysis is one of his main research themes focusing on the specific topic of food authenticity and fraud.