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Issue #6 2015 – Digital edition

9 December 2015 | By New Food

In this issue: Allergens, Confectionery supplement, Food Fraud, Mass Spectrometry, Microbiology, Dairy Supplement, Food Contamination roundtable, Shelf Life, Energy Efficiency, Application Notes...

Food Allergens: assessing the risk to consumers – an update

9 December 2015 | By René Crevel, Unilever Safety & Environmental Assurance Centre, Bedford, UK

Managing allergens in a manner that minimises the risk to allergic consumers while maximising their choices, as well as ensuring the overall sustainability of food production processes remains the subject of considerable work. The last three years have witnessed developments in areas as diverse as regulation, hazard characterisation and risk…

NIR hyperspectral imaging for detection of nut contamination

1 September 2015 | By Puneet Mishra, Belén Diezma and Pilar Barreiro, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

‘Nut’ is used to describe a wide range of seeds with a seed coat or shell. Because of high-energy content, micronutrients and positive global health impact, nuts have been present for centuries in human diet. However, over recent decades they have increasingly been found to induce adverse health effects. With…

Food allergen labelling: Legislative requirements and guidance

24 April 2015 | By Barbara Gallani and Alex Turtle, Food and Drink Federation (FDF)

The Food Information to Consumers (FIC) Regulation (No 1169/2011, as amended)1 has introduced new rules for the provision of information on allergens. This Regulation, which came into force across the entire EU on 13th December 2014, combines general and nutrition labelling provisions together into a single regulation to simplify and…

Undeclared almond incident update

17 February 2015 | By Food Standards Agency

The Food Standards Agency has issued a further allergy alert following confirmation that a batch of paprika was the most likely source of undeclared almond protein in three food products which have been recalled...

Restaurants to add allergen warnings to their menus

12 December 2014 | By British Hospitality Association

From Saturday, 13 December, all restaurants and food businesses will be responsible for identifying, recording and clearly communicating when any of 14 allergens are used in a dish or drink...

New food allergen rules for consumers

12 December 2014 | By The Food Standards Agency

The 2 million people in the UK who live with food allergies will be able to buy food and eat out with more confidence because of new EU rules coming into effect tomorrow, Saturday 13 December 2014...

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