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Ingredients supplement 2012

Issue 5 2012, Supplements  •  8 November 2012  •  Sandra Caldeira / Petros Maragkoudakis / Dr Evangelia Komitopoulou

Natural and artificial sweeteners – what are the health issues? (Sandra Caldeira – Project Manager, Nutrition and Health, IHCP, European Commission / Petros Maragkoudakis – Scientific/Technical Project Officer, Nutrition and Health, IHCP, European Commission)
Available in vitro methodologies for prebiotic and probiotic functionality (Dr Evangelia Komitopoulou – Head of Food Safety, Leatherhead Food Research)
Show preview: Hi Europe, Ni & Nuw: A global platform for food innovation

One drop at a time: a revolution in drying evaluation technology

Issue 3 2009  •  10 September 2009  •  Jakob Sloth, Research Scientist, GEA Niro

The ability to test products and processes has always been an essential part of new product development. Until now, food processing companies have had to conduct exhaustive tests to establish the most appropriate formulations to optimise taste and the manufacturing process. But now a new particle analysis process, pioneered by GEA Niro, has the ability to revolutionise the testing of products requiring spray drying to enable greater flexibility during the development stage, bring products to market faster then previously possible and conduct the whole process much less expensively than has been possible to date. The process is called DRYNETICS[TM].