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Ingedient functionality

Issue 3 2013  •  19 June 2013  •  Eugenio Bortone, Senior Scientist, Extrusion Innovation Team, Frito-Lay North America

The extrusion process can involve simple formulations such as the ones used for snack foods consisting of simple starch or very complex formulations as the ones used in pet food diets which involve several ingredients. The latter are designed specifically to meet the nutritional requirements of the target species. In contrast, snack foods are designed to indulge the consumer. Not only does each ingredient in the formula play an important role in the amount of nutrients it supplies, but each also interacts with others during the process to produce the final product. Depending on the processing conditions and the ingredients used, different products can have an effect on the physical attributes (e.g. expansion) of the finished product as well as organoleptic properties (e.g. texture, flavour, mouth feel etc.).

Frito-Lay unveils “near net zero” manufacturing facility

Industry news, News  •  5 October 2011  •  PepsiCo

PepsiCo’s Frito-Lay North America division celebrated the success of its most ambitious environmental sustainability project to-date…

Frito-Lay Honors Operations Associates Named as PepsiCo’s Top Performers

Industry news, News  •  26 October 2010  •  PepsiCo

Frito-Lay North America were honored as PepsiCo’s top performers worldwide with induction into the inaugural group…