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Food Standards Agency appoints Jason Feeney as CEO

Industry news  •  13 April 2017  •  New Food

Jason has been part of the FSA since joining as Chief Operating Officer in January 2015.

Regulation: In a global modern food system…

Issue 1 2017  •  17 February 2017  •  Garry Moseley, Director, Food & Drink Practice, Arthur J. Gallagher

A new set of rules is on the horizon as the Food Standards Agency (FSA) gets underway with its restructure of food safety regulation in the UK…

Regulation: How Brexit is shaping up

Blogs, Z Homepage Promo  •  30 November 2016  •  Jerry Houseago, Consulting Director, NSF International EMEA

For the food industry, nothing has changed as a result of Brexit – yet. Jerry Houseago, Consulting Director, NSF International EMEA, looks at the longer-term implications for the food industry…

Leading Imperial researcher: Early exposure could reduce later risk of allergy

Blogs, Z Homepage Promo  •  21 September 2016  •  Roy Manuell, Digital Content Producer

New Food speak to lead researcher, Robert Boyle following study by Imperial College on whether feeding babies certain allergens might lead to the prevention of risk in later life…

Salmonella risk reduced

Industry news  •  26 July 2016  •  Stephanie Anthony, Editor New Food

A new report on Salmonella in eggs show that contamination risk has reduced since last report.

E. coli O157 outbreak might be associated with mixed salad leaves

Industry news  •  19 July 2016  •  Victoria White, Digital Content Producer

PHE has confirmed 151 cases of this strain of E. coli. Two of the individuals with E. coli O157 have died and sixty-two people have received hospital care…

FSA tackles misconceptions on how to freeze food safely

Industry news  •  4 July 2016  •  Victoria White, Digital Content Producer

The FSA is focusing this year’s Food Safety Week on helping people to understand how to waste less food safely by making more of their freezers…

FSA publishes new guidance to help reduce listeriosis

Industry news  •  30 June 2016  •  Victoria White, Digital Content Producer

The FSA has published new guidance, aimed at healthcare and social care organisations, to help reduce the risk of vulnerable groups contracting listeriosis…

NFCU launches Food Crime Confidential

Industry news  •  23 June 2016  •  Victoria White, Digital Content Producer

Food Crime Confidential is a reporting facility where anyone with suspicions about food crime can report them safely and in confidence…

The Food Safety Conference – Risks, Threats & Vulnerabilities

Featured news  •  6 June 2016  •  Food Safety Conference

Where are tomorrow’s food and drink safety threats, recalls, and outbreaks going to appear?

FSA publishes the latest results from its chicken campylobacter survey

Industry news  •  26 May 2016  •  Victoria White, Digital Content Producer

The results continue to show a decrease both in the number of birds with campylobacter on them and those with the highest level of contamination…

KFC launches investigation after faecal bacteria found on ice

Industry news  •  25 April 2016  •  Victoria White, Digital Content Producer

It has been revealed that an undercover researcher for BBC’s Rip Off Britain was served ice that had faecal bacteria on it at a KFC in Birmingham…

Man Vs Food – Are you prepared for the repercussions of undercooked meat?

Blogs  •  11 April 2016  •  Albert Clamark

Here, Albert Clamark discusses the growing popularity of rare burgers and the steps businesses need to consider when serving them…

FSA publishes list of food incidents handled in Q4 2015

Industry news  •  31 March 2016  •  Victoria White

The list summarises alerts issued by the FSA to recall or withdraw products and includes information about foodborne outbreak investigations…

Baketime Ltd recalls various snacks over potential hygiene issues

Industry news  •  30 March 2016  •  Victoria White

The FSA has reported that Baketime Ltd is recalling various branded biscuit, snack and confectionery products as they may have been subject to pest contamination…