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What is Findus doing to ensure sustainable fish stocks?

Blogs, Industry news, Z Homepage Promo  •  30 March 2017  •  Findus; New Food Magazine

New Food spoke exclusively to Findus to ascertain precisely what the Swedish company are doing to ensure sustainable development.

A message from Findus UK

Industry news, News  •  22 February 2013  •  Findus UK

Findus UK can now confirm that ‘bute’ (phenylbutazone) was not found in the Beef Lasagne (withdrawn from sale on the 4th February)…

Findus beef lasagne products found with horse meat

Industry news, News  •  7 February 2013  •  Food Standards Agency (FSA)

The FSA has confirmed that the meat content of beef lasagne products recalled by Findus has tested positive…