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Whatever it takes for protein analysis: Kjeldahl, Dumas, or NIR

Webinars  •  30 September 2013  •  François Bourdichon (Barry Callebaut ), William Ickes, Jürgen Müller & Giovanni Campolongo (BÜCHI)

Whereas Kjeldahl is a proven method for all kind of sample matrices, Dumas excels in unattended processing at high throughput, and NIR is matchless in terms of immediate and comprehensive multi-component analysis. BUCHI introduces you to the Master series, which includes the KjelMaster, DuMaster, and NIRMaster instruments for protein analysis…

New Food speaks with BUCHI at the IFT show

Video  •  29 August 2013  •  Claire Singleton, New Food

Interview with Bill Ickes, Product Manager, BUCHI Corporation at IFT 2013…