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For many years, the CASSIDA lubricants have been an essential part of the high-tech product portfolio of the FUCHS and FUCHS LUBRITECH Group. Due to the special significance of food grade lubricants in our product portfolio, we have given these products their own special brand: “CASSIDA food grade lubricants” thus stand for the entire range of high-performance lubricants for the food and beverage industries.

In the CASSIDA product portfolio you will find fully synthetic as well as white oil based products, whose composition is always optimized to ensure optimum suitability for their respective case of application. In order to be able to continue to offer you the optimal product for your new requirements and applications in the future, we are continually working on further expanding our product range.

The intensive support and the extensive consulting competence of the experts from our Food Division ensure that you will find the optimal lubricant for any application purpose. It goes without saying that we will also assist you in using our products in your production or manufacturing process, thus offering you a level of service that goes well beyond sales only. Production safety and food safety are no contradiction for us; rather, assuring both is what we aspire to do every day in collaboration with you.