BIOTECON Diagnostics GmbH

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BIOTECON Diagnostics was founded in 1998 and currently has 80 employees. The company provides superior experience in microbiological service testing of food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics products.

The company’s focus is the development of rapid and innovative detection systems based on real-time PCR for the food, feed, beverage and pharmaceutical industries. The foodproof®, foodproof® SL, and microproof® product line include detection kits as well as kits for the extraction and purification of DNA from all kind of food, feed and beverage matrices including environmental samples and primary production samples (PPS).

As an international biotechnology company, BIOTECON Diagnostics develops, produces and markets these products through a continually growing network of local distributors and worldwide sales channel partners.

Additionally, the company offers several automation solutions like the foodproof® RoboPrep+ Series for an automated food sample preparation and subsequent PCR setup. These robots are cost-effective tools for all kind of food safety testing, reducing hands-on time and increasing lab efficiency.

Due to a strong cooperation with several of the world biggest food companies, BIOTECON Diagnostics is well aware of the current and future challenges of this industry, and is able to provide customized solutions through new and economical approaches. BIOTECON Diagnostics also offers contract validation, contract development and production to other biotech companies.

  • Rapid detection systems (PCR) for food, pet food, beverages, pharmacy, veterinary as well as detection of GMO
  • DNA extraction and real time PCR based detection kits
  • Automated pathogen detection from sample preparation to PCR setup
  • Microbiological services
  • (Contract) Research and development
  • (Contract) Production
  • Seminars, workshops and trainings

For safer food: BIOTECON Diagnostics – simply builds up trust.



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