Time for new sensations in beverage production?

Posted: 15 October 2020 | | No comments yet

ANDRITZ ArtBEV clarifiers, a plug-and-play solution for extremely efficient solid/liquid separation.

The ANDRITZ ArtBEV clarifiers – a plug-and-play solution that fits perfectly into a processing line – are able to maintain the highest nutritional value and all the health properties of the product. These separators are easy to install, operate and maintain and ensure an extremely efficient separation. ArtBEV two-phase separators are applied in solids load and turbidity reduction, yeast removal and any other application where fine solids have to be separated from a liquid phase, either to recover a valuable substance or to remove and dispose of a waste product. Efficient separation and precisely controllable, automated solids discharge allow the best possible separation effect. Solids from 0.5 to 500 μm, depending on their nature, can be separated efficiently in these two-phase separators.

Whether you are an international group or a family company, our mission is the same: to provide reliable, hygienic and efficient solutions that improve the quality of the end products, combined with proven service and innovative automation solutions – all from a single source.



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