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TOP bv builds consortium for safe raw milk

Industry news  •  12 November 2013  •  TOP bv

The Dutch food technology company is working on a consortium to market raw milk safe for consumption…

Sterilisation – only better

Issue 2 2005, Past issues  •  3 May 2005  •  Wouter De Heij and Robert Van den Berg, Agrotechnology and Food Innovations b.v., Ludo Van Schepdael, Solico b.v., Hans Hoogland, Unilever Research Vlaardingen and Harmannus Bijmolt, Resato International b.v.

Increasing microbial safety and extending the shelf-life of packed food and other products sensitive to microbial spoilage is often performed by relatively slow thermal processes. The adverse effects of the corresponding heating periods can be decreased by using technologies that put a vast amount of energy into the product quickly, for example direct steam injection or microwave heating. Cooling the product quickly, however, is more complex.


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