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The importance of infant nutrition

Issue 6 2016  •  13 December 2016  •  Dr Giuseppe Battaini

Science is the key to understanding this critical development period and delivering the products and services needed to provide long-term positive health outcomes…

Demystifying the cocktail of various chemical substances present in our diet

Blogs, Z Homepage Promo  •  6 December 2016  •  Martin Michaud, Biochemist, Chemist, M.Sc. Biology, MMNA Consultants

Martin Michaud, biochemist and consultant seeks to demystify the plethora of chemicals that we consume on a daily basis…

Massive overuse of farm antibiotics continues in Europe

Industry news  •  17 October 2016  •  New Food

New data published by the EMA reveals that many European countries are failing to put an end to massive overuse of antibiotics in farming…

UK MPs call for supermarket action on farm antibiotics

Industry news  •  12 October 2016  •  Alliance to Save Our Antibiotics

Zac Goldsmith MP has tabled a motion on veterinary antibiotic use in the UK, encouraging MPs to act on the use of antibiotics from UK supermarkets…

WHO urges global action to curtail consumption and health impacts of sugary drinks

Featured news, Industry news  •  12 October 2016  •  New Food

Taxing sugary drinks can lower consumption and reduce obesity, type 2 diabetes and tooth decay, says a new World Health Organisation report…

Ghana losing out big on global cow’s milk market

Industry news  •  10 October 2016  •  New Food

Despite the ever-increasing demand for cow’s milk around the world, Ghana continues to miss out on the multi-billion dollar, global dairy market…

Row intensifies over Olympic Games ‘junk food’ promotion

Industry news  •  5 August 2016  •  Roy Manuell

Olympic sponsors, notably McDonald’s and Coca Cola have, once again, been subject to extensive criticism for using the Olympics as a marketing tool for unhealthy food, landing the UK’s Food and Drink Federation (FDF) in trouble for comments made on the issue.

IARC downgrades the cancer risk of coffee

Industry news  •  15 June 2016  •  Victoria White, Digital Content Producer

While the IARC found no conclusive evidence for a carcinogenic effect of coffee, they found very hot beverages probably cause cancer of the oesophagus…

Is sugar the new fat?

Blogs  •  5 February 2016  •  Victoria White, New Food

We want your comments on the sugar debate. Do you think manufacturers should be doing more to reduce sugar in products? Perhaps you think consumers should take more responsibility for their own sugar intake? Let us know…

WHO childhood obesity report recommends taxation of sugar-sweetened drinks

Industry news  •  27 January 2016  •  Victoria White

The report recommends the implementation of comprehensive programmes that promote the intake of healthy foods and reduce the intake of unhealthy foods and sugar-sweetened beverages…


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