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Rheology of pre-crystallised chocolate masses

Issue 5 2013  •  4 November 2013  •  Wolfgang Danzl, Head of Laboratory of Chocolate Technology, Fraunhofer IVV and Dr Gottfried Ziegleder, University of Applied Science

Chocolate can be described as a suspension consisting of non-fat particles (sugar, cocoa solids and milk powder particles) dispersed in cocoa butter and a portion of milk fat as a continuous phase. Its unique pleasant taste is produced by a complex interaction of odour-active volatile compounds, which are supplementary to the fine bitterness of cocoa and the sweetness of sugar. The characteristically pleasant mouth-feel is produced by the melting behaviour of cocoa butter, its flavour release and the rheological properties of the melting mass.

UV protection for packaged foods

Issue 4 2007  •  16 November 2007  •  Wolfgang Danzl and Gottfried Ziegleder, Fraunhofer IVV

Transparent plastic packaging is increasingly replacing traditional food packaging made of glass and metal. The advantages of transparent plastic packaging are; its low weight, low cost, design flexibility and the opportunity to present products in an attractive way. However, compared to traditional packaging made of glass, metal, aluminum-laminated films or metallised films, transparent plastic packaging provides less protection against light and also in many cases, a poorer barrier against oxygen.


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