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Welch’s Concord grapes break new ground with Juice Powder

Industry news  •  5 July 2016  •  Victoria White, Digital Content Producer

The juice powder is made with a dehydration process that gently removes all the water from the fruit juice but captures its natural wholesomeness…

Concord grape juice may benefit cognitive function in women

Industry news  •  10 March 2016  •  Victoria White

Researchers have shown that the cognitive health effects associated with the Concord grape are not exclusive to older adults and that younger, healthy women may also benefit..

Concord grape juice linked to cognitive benefits in working mothers

Industry news  •  4 December 2015  •  Victoria White

In a study, statistically significant improvements in a memory measure and driving performance were seen when mothers drank Concord grape juice daily versus when they consumed the placebo…

Welch’s Concord grape juice coming to Europe

Industry news  •  8 October 2015  •  Victoria White

Under an exclusive distribution agreement with Wild Juice, Concord grape juice concentrate will now be available for companies across the EMEA region…

Welch’s and Taura Natural Ingredients join forces to market FruitWorx in USA and North Asia

Featured news  •  14 May 2015  •  Victoria White

Welch’s and Taura Natural Ingredients are to take the Concord Grape to a global audience by jointly marketing new concentrated FruitWorx inclusions in Asia…


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