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The importance of viscosity measurement in food production and processing

Featured news  •  13 April 2016  •  PCE Instruments

High-quality food is becoming increasingly important to consumers. In this industrial sector, manufacturing products that meet the high demands of the end users poses a challenge to analysts…

Viscosity measurements in food products and manufacturing

Issue 5 2014  •  27 October 2014  •  Sarab Sahi Principal Research Officer, Baking and Cereal Processing, Campden BRI

Viscosity is an important property of fluid foods. It is defined as the internal friction of a liquid or its ability to resist flow. The internal friction in a fluid can be easily demonstrated by observing a liquid that has been vigorously stirred to create a vortex. Once the stirring has stopped the speed of the vortex is gradually reduced and rotation of the liquid eventually stops. This happens as a result of the frictional force within the liquid and this force has to be overcome in order for the liquid to flow…

Whitepaper: The importance of expanded rheology information and emulsifier functionality in chocolate production

Whitepapers  •  31 July 2013  •  By Jørgen Holdgaard, Confectionery Application Manager, Confectionery and Bakery Group, Palsgaard A/S.

Keeping rheology simple and accessible can cause problems in the daily production of chocolate due to lack of information.


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