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The many styles of wine fermentation

Issue 2 2014  •  1 May 2014  •  Linda F. Bisson, Professor & Geneticist, Department of Viticulture and Enology, University of California, Davis

Wine production is inherently a microbial process wherein components of the grape are transformed into flavour and aroma characteristics of the wine. If wine is a symphony of sensorial experiences then the grape precursors are the instruments and the microbes are the members of the orchestra. Wine fermentations may be inoculated with specific preparations of organisms or may be left to ferment by the indigenous populations of the vineyard and winery. Microbial population dynamics can be influenced by seemingly inconsequential processing decisions and some microbial characters may be desired in some wines but considered spoilage in others. Fermentation management strategies must take into consideration the style of wine being made, the inherent risks of different processing decisions and seasonal or vintage variation in composition of both fruit and microbial biota…

General Mills awards grant to improve sustainability of vanilla plant

Industry news, News  •  22 June 2011  •  General Mills

General Mills announced a $200,000 grant to researchers at the University of California-Davis…


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