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Developments in food refrigeration

Issue 2 2007, Past issues  •  23 May 2007  •  Judith Evans, Senior Research Project Manager, FRPERC (Food Refrigeration and Process Engineering Research Centre), University of Bristol

Refrigeration is a vital part of modern food production. Without a means to cool and keep food cold, the quality and safety of food would be compromised and the sophisticated cold chain we are used to would not be possible. The whole food chain is underpinned by refrigeration from primary food processing through storage, transport, retail and domestic refrigeration in consumers’ homes.

Dealing with decontamination

Issue 4 2005, Past issues  •  21 November 2005  •  Christian James, Food Refrigeration Process Engineering Research Centre, University of Bristol

There is no terminal step (such as cooking) to eliminate pathogenic organisms from raw meat before it reaches the consumer. The consumer is relied upon to ‘adequately’ cook the meat so that any pathogens that may be present are killed. Many studies have shown that at the time of slaughter the muscle tissue of a healthy animal is, essentially, sterile and it is only the surface of the meat that is contaminated with pathogenic and spoilage organisms during slaughter and subsequent handling. This article describes the work, particularly at the University of Bristol, that is taking place to try and develop such treatments and problems that are being encountered.


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