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Online detection of foreign bodies in packaged foods using ultrasound

Issue 3 2009  •  10 September 2009  •  Gauri S. Mittal, Professor, School of Engineering, University of Guelph

The presence of foreign bodies (FBs) in processed foods is one of the major concerns of the food industry, and their detection and identification are important in quality assurance and safety. An FB is any undesirable piece of solid matter present in a food product. When foods are manufactured or packaged, small foreign objects might end up in the product. For example, in the process of packaging food in glass bottles, occasionally fragments of glass are a result of shattering and breakage of the bottle top, and they find their way into the glass containers. Contamination can also be the result of metal scarf joints that originate from production equipment.

Using ultrasound to evaluate dough properties

Issue 4 2007  •  16 November 2007  •  Martin G Scanlon, John H Page, M Nabil Bassim, Harry D Sapirstein,Guillermo G Bellido, Hussein M Elmehdi, Yuanzhong Fan, Valentin Leroy, Keyur L Mehta, G Moses Owolabi, Food Science, Physics & Astronomy, Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering - University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Bread, and the dough from which it is made from, can be viewed as a two-phase system of gas cells and matrix[1]. Both phases ordain the properties of the dough or the bread crumb, and both phases change considerably during the various operations that comprise the breadmaking process. In the history of gas cells, three important stages occur[2,3], namely gas cell nucleation, gas cell growth, and gas cell interconnectivity. But, this history is actually foretold by the numerous physical, chemical and biological events that take place in the dough matrix, one example being the fermentation of sugars to ethanol and carbon dioxide by the activities of the yeast.


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