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Cross out contamination

Featured news  •  24 June 2016  •  Bjorn Thumas, Director of Business Development at TOMRA Sorting Food

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), an estimated 600 million people – almost 10 per cent of the global population – fall ill after eating contaminated food…

Success story: Apetit Plc, Finland

Featured news  •  18 May 2016  •  TOMRA Sorting Food

Apetit Plc is a Finnish producer of convenient fresh and frozen vegetable based products…

Automation essential to sustainable success, says TOMRA Sorting Food

Featured news  •  13 May 2016  •  Tomra

Continued advances in automation and robotics are making the global food manufacturing and processing industries safer, more efficient and able to deliver higher profits, according to TOMRA Sorting Food…

Food safety first is the order of the day, says TOMRA

Featured news  •  13 May 2016  •  TOMRA

Data revealing aflatoxins to be the biggest cause of food-related recalls demonstrates the important role effective sorting and quality analysis systems can play in boosting food safety on the production line, says TOMRA Sorting Food…

Time to sort out food waste, says TOMRA

Featured news  •  12 May 2016  •  TOMRA

Almost a third of all food produced worldwide is never eaten, leading to 1.3 billion tons of food waste each year…

New casing detection guarantees optimal food safety for sausage production

Featured news  •  11 May 2016  •  TOMRA

ViskoTeepak and TOMRA Sorting Food decided to join forces in order to develop a casing solution that would make it easier for sausage producers to detect pieces of casing in peeling operations, while still being able to track the color formation of the sausage during processing…

TOMRA Sorting Food announces positive nine month results

Industry news  •  29 October 2015  •  Victoria White

TOMRA says it is reaping the combined benefits of the successful launch of a number of new products and its continued investment in research and development…


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