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Regulation: How Brexit is shaping up

Blogs, Z Homepage Promo  •  30 November 2016  •  Jerry Houseago, Consulting Director, NSF International EMEA

For the food industry, nothing has changed as a result of Brexit – yet. Jerry Houseago, Consulting Director, NSF International EMEA, looks at the longer-term implications for the food industry…

Don’t get caught up in the Act!

Industry news, Z Homepage Promo  •  6 September 2016  •  New Food

The Food and Drug Administration has issued a new reform: the Food Safety Modernisation Act. This act will affect all players in the food and beverage industry, not only in the United States, and will start falling into place this month…

FDA announces cooperative agreement to implement national produce safety rule

Industry news  •  18 September 2014  •  The U.S Food and Drug Administration

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration announced a new cooperative agreement with the National Association of State Departments of Agriculture related to the Food Safety Modernization Act…

Whitepaper: Understanding the US Food Safety Modernization Act 2011

Whitepapers  •  2 April 2014  •  NSF International

If your company exports food to the US or you are an importer of food to the US this document contains important information for your business…

The Food Safety Modernisation Act: A food manufacturer’s perspective

Issue 2 2012  •  7 May 2012  •  Lilia M. Santiago-Connolly, Senior Manager Food Safety, Heinz North America and Kurt E. Deibel, Chief Quality Officer, Heinz North America

Food manufacturers in the US regulated by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) are preparing for forthcoming challenges related to the Food Safety Modernisation Act (FSMA) which was signed into law by President Obama on 4 January 2011. The globalisation of the food supply, the aging population and an improved understanding of the food safety paradigm through better surveillance are some of the major reasons this act was needed. In general, the food industry is very supportive of this law and is working collaboratively with the Agency to develop regulations that focus on risk prevention.

FSMA is focused on four key themes: Prevention; Inspection; Compliance and Response; Import Safety and Enhanced Partnerships.

Prevention is focused on identifying known food safety hazards through the supply chain from growing, harvesting, processing, distribu – tion and finally consumption. The complexities of a global supply chain with diverse processing, products and go to market strategies makes this initiative complex. The FDA has written a detailed proposed rule on Preventive Control and at the time of the completion of this article, the rule was not available for review. The proposed rule should require food manufacturers to establish a comprehensive sciencebased food safety plan that includes the evaluation and identification of known or reasonably foreseeable hazards, monitoring the effectiveness of the identified preventive controls, and a plan in place for verification and corrective actions to prevent recurrence of any failures.


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