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Sandvik SGL unveils multi-layer chocolate forming line at ProSweets

Industry news  •  1 February 2016  •  Victoria White

The SGL MCC 1500 is a multi-layer chocolate chips/drops moulding line offering up to three times the capacity of other systems of the same length…

Sandvik steel belts and hygienic process technologies

Featured news  •  7 April 2015  •  Sandvik Process Systems

Sandvik Process Systems, the world’s largest supplier of steel belts and steel belt-based processing technology to the food industry, will highlight the extraordinary range of applications that exists across the food and packaging industries for its systems…

Steel belts and hygienic process technologies

Featured news  •  5 March 2014  •  Sandvik

Sandvik to showcase food, GMP applications and conveying systems…

Whitepaper: Stainless steel conveyor belts in operation

Whitepapers  •  31 May 2013  •  Sandvik

“Ever higher quality requirements and growing consumer demands make permanent microbiological, physical and chemical control of our products indispensable”


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