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Halal seal of approval for ROCOL FOODLUBE® products

Featured news  •  16 September 2015  •  ROCOL

ROCOL Lubricants has received Halal certification for products from its FOODLUBE® range…

Audit compliance inside and out

Featured news  •  19 June 2015  •  ROCOL

High performance NSF registered food grade lubricants in the FOODLUBE® range from ROCOL® add an invaluable safety dimension to food processing…

ROCOL® helps ensure safety and efficiency for growing silvery tweed cereals

Featured news  •  31 March 2015  •  ROCOL

Expanding cereal processor Silvery Tweed Cereals has entrusted food-grade lubricants specialist ROCOL with comprehensive maintenance lubrication support as it embarks on upgrading, automating and the expansion of its Berwick-upon-Tweed factory processes…

Food Grade Lubricants supplement 2013

Issue 4 2013, Supplements  •  2 September 2013  •  Ashlee Breitner, Muhammad Munir Chaudry

Avoiding labelling confusion
Ashlee Breitner Business Unit Manager, NSF Nonfood Compounds Registration
Halal certification guidelines for food grade lubricants
Muhammad Munir Chaudry President and Halal Administrator, Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of America

Meat Processing supplement 2013

Issue 2 2013, Supplements  •  26 April 2013  •  Lars Kristensen, NSF Consulting Group, Fred van de Velde, Marijke Adamse

Pork quality and carcass chilling (Lars Kristensen, Section Manager, Danish Meat Research Institute)
Can we prevent another horsemeat scandal?
(NSF Consulting Group)
Juiciness enhances the perceived saltiness of meat products(Fred van de Velde and Marijke Adamse, TI Food & Nutrition & NIZO food research)

New detectability makes FOODLUBE® safest ever

Featured news, News  •  1 March 2013  •  ROCOL

ROCOL has introduced innovative caps and actuators on aerosol spray cans in the FOODLUBE range…


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