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Whitepaper: Advancing the understanding of emulsions using state of the art microscopy

Whitepapers  •  16 June 2015  •  RSSL

This paper demonstrates how microscopy techniques can be used to characterise, understand and monitor the stability of emulsions…

Whitepaper: Application of GC-MS/MS in the analysis of taints and off flavours

Whitepapers  •  21 May 2015  •  RSSL

An assessment of GC-MS/MS as a tool to identify the common tainting compounds found in food and drinks, and a comparison to traditional GC-MS…

Whitepaper: Preparation of Food and Feed Samples for Metals Analysis

Whitepapers  •  28 February 2014  •  Reading Scientific Services Ltd

The relative virtues of ICP-MS, ICP-OES and AAS have been frequently discussed, in terms of their use for the analysis of metals, either from a nutritional aspect, but also as control of contamination in food materials…

Foreign body identification

Featured news, News  •  26 April 2013  •  Reading Scientific Services Ltd

Foreign bodies are a well-known hazard for the food industry and a problem that can cause distress for consumers…


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