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Rapid Methods & Mass Spectrometry supplement 2013

Issue 6 2013, Supplements  •  2 January 2014  •  Erwan Engel, Jérémy Ratel, Christelle Planche, Andrew G. Gehring, Lili He, Angela Calder

Back-tracing environmental toxicants in an animal-derived food chain based on food metabolomics
Detecting bacteria in food: harder than searching for a needle in a haystack?
Rapid detection methods for chemical hazards in foods
Mass spectrometry for the food industry

Whitepaper: Achieving lean quality for food & beverage manufacturing efficiency

Whitepapers  •  29 August 2012  •  Celsis

When choosing an RMM for your company, there are many factors to consider. It is critical to understand exactly what your company needs in order to perform most efficiently and effectively. When these factors drive the purchase decision, you will be able to implement the best system for your company and quickly realise a return on your investment…


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