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R-Biopharm Rhône’s Rida Cube Scan monitors wine safety

Industry news  •  12 October 2015  •  Victoria White

When used in conjunction with enzymatic tests, the Rida Cube Scan that detects organic acids, sugars and sulphite in wine which are indicators of wine quality…

New test kit detects Aflatoxin M1 in ice cream

Industry news  •  29 September 2015  •  Victoria White

Aflatoxin M1 is one of a range of mycotoxins produced by fungi which can cause adverse effects in humans and animals, including some types of cancer…

Experts use wet summer to improve mycotoxin risk assessments

Industry news  •  24 August 2015  •  Victoria White

A new project is taking advantage of the inclement UK summer weather to gain a better understanding of mycotoxins and improve mycotoxin risk assessments

New safety test developed to detect histamine in fish

Industry news  •  12 August 2015  •  Katie Sadler, Digital Content Producer, New Food

R-Biopharm has announced development of a new safety test for UK fishing and fish processing industries aimed at detecting histamine in fish.

R-Biopharm Rhône unveils new test for toxins in rice, bread and beer

Industry news  •  7 January 2015  •  R-Biopharm Rhone Ltd

Innovative Scottish food safety company R-Biopharm Rhône has developed a new test for potentially fatal toxins which can be present in everyday foods such as rice, bread and beer…

Joyce Wilcox joins R-Biopharm Rhône in a food and feed safety analysis role

Industry news  •  7 July 2014  •  R-Biopharm Rhone

Joyce Wilcox has joined R-Biopharm Rhone from Glasgow Scientific Services, a local authority official control laboratory, where she was providing a food & feed analytical service for the Public Analyst…

New Food Digital Issue 3 2010

Past issues  •  7 May 2010  •  

In this issue: Simultaneous determination of regulatory mycotoxins using immunoaffinity columns in conjuction with either HPLC or LC-MS/MS, Preparing for the R22 refrigerants ban – Ozone Depleting Substances Regulation: HCFC (R22) phase-out


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