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In a nutshell: Sandra Luley, QIAGEN

Issue 5 2011  •  1 November 2011  •  Sandra Luley, Marketing Manager – Applied Testing, QIAGEN

Founded in 1984 as a spin-off company from the University of Düsseldorf, QIAGEN has grown into a market leader for sample and assay technologies. Providing solutions to diagnostic labs, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies and academics, QIAGEN recently launched their first dedicated food safety test kit at the end of 2010. “We’re perceived as being newcomers to the food market, but we’ve been developing PCR technology for a long time,” Luley explains. “A move into the food market was a natural one for us, as we already supply a broad range of analysis products to other industries. We’re moving very fast in this market and it’s a great opportunity for our company to grow.”

With the increased globalisation of the food industry over the past few decades, food safety testing is more important now than ever. Food is produced in larger amounts than ever before and food storage times are reduced to enable rapid and long distance transportation. “Now, if there are any pathogen outbreaks, it can quickly affect a large population or region because of food globalisation,” Luley admits. “Sensitive and fast testing methods which can track the source of the outbreak is a necessity. It puts increasing demands on today’s testing methods.”

Highly sensitive Pathogen Detection

Featured news, News  •  27 October 2011  •  QIAGEN

Highly sensitive pathogen detection is a key element of food quality testing, but traditional culturing methods can take several days to yield results…


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