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Tackling the protein crisis, plant based futures and lab grown meet

Featured news  •  7 March 2017  •  Southbank Events

Organised by Southbank Events this 1-day Summit will look at key food protein trends and discuss plant, marine and insect-based alternatives…

High street sandwiches contain less than 50% chicken DNA

Industry news  •  28 February 2017  •  Roy Manuell | Digital Editor

According to research conducted by CBC’s Marketplace found that much of the Subway brand’s chicken in its sandwiches contained less than 50% chicken DNA.

Move over meat, it’s time to eat edible insects

Industry news  •  15 February 2017  •  New Food

Do edible insects present a viable solution to dwindling resources and global sustainability…?

‘Life’s too short for slow proteins’ – Arla Foods Ingredients strengthens its whey hydrolysates portfolio

Industry news  •  25 January 2017  •  New Food

Arla Foods Ingredients has unveiled a new generation of whey hydrolysates set to take gold standard proteins into the mainstream sports nutrition market…

VTT develops raw materials for meatballs and falafel from mealworms and crickets

Industry news  •  19 January 2017  •  Technical Research Centre of Finland (VTT)

VTT has developed food ingredients from mealworms and crickets which have the potential to be used in the manufacture of foods such as meatballs and falafel.

Peas and thank you: 2017’s first food trend breakaway

Blogs, Industry news  •  9 January 2017  •  Roy Manuell, Digital Editor

With the ‘meat-free’ trend already well-established, manufacturers are forever working out new ways to convince consumers to switch to protein alternatives…

Smithfield Foods leads industry as first major protein company to adopt greenhouse gas reduction goal

Industry news  •  6 December 2016  •  New Food

The commitment by Smithfield Foods, Inc. seeks to slash absolute U.S. carbon emissions by 25 percent by the year 2025….

A hidden nightmare: Allergies, intolerance and food safety

Blogs, Z Homepage Promo  •  17 November 2016  •  Rene Duchesne, Food Safety Manager, Cavalier Candies Ltd.

We ask Food Safety Manager Rene Duchesne to discuss the importance of precautionary measures in product manufacturing when working with allergens…

Protein feed and bioplastic from farm biogas

Industry news  •  17 November 2016  •  New Food

VTT has developed a solution for converting even small sources of methane-rich biogas into raw materials for animal feed or bioplastic on farms, landfills and wastewater treatment plants…

The journey to sustainable protein for the future

Issue 5 2016  •  14 October 2016  •  Ivana Gazibara, Head of Futures, Forum for the Future

Amidst an increasingly uncertain political, economic and environmental landscape, food (and protein) security is a key issue as Ivana Gazibara, Forum for the Future discusses in further detail…

Improving protein intake in older adults

Industry news  •  29 September 2016  •  University of Bournemouth

Researchers from Bournemouth University have been exploring the reasons why many older people aren’t eating as much protein as they should be…

Revolutionary sustainable fish protein noodle hits UK market

Industry news  •  26 September 2016  •  New Food

Oomi noodles launch world’s first fish protein noodles into online retailer, Ocado, on 26 September…

I Am Super Foods to take beans to new heights

Industry news  •  16 September 2016  •  New Food

Following on from New Food’s coverage of the I Am Super innovation with an exclusive with co-founder Barney Mauleverer, and with healthy, alternative proteins one of the most exciting new consumer trends, we look at I Am Super Beans…

Muscling in on the act: the high protein boom

Blogs  •  16 September 2016  •  Daniel Reeds

Daniel Reeds of New Chapter Marketing explains the boom in the high protein industry as consumer trends tend towards the organic…


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