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Propraline project delivers a number of solutions for chocolate industry to improve praline quality

Issue 1 2012  •  6 March 2012  •  Lilia Ahrné, Coordinator, ProPraline and Director Process and Technology Development at SIK – Swedish Institute for Food and Biotechnology

The ProPraline project is now finalised and after three years of intensive research, the project has delivered a number of solutions. Four booklets containing scientific information to help SMEs to produce pralines of high quality and extended shelf-life have been developed during the project and are now available to download on ProPraline external website:

The objective of the ProPraline project has been to improve the competitiveness of the European SMEs producing exclusive, complicated and niche-oriented filled products like chocolate pralines by developing knowledge and technical solutions to improve quality and to extend the shelf-life of their products. Moreover, the project, through SMEs associations, has provided demonstration and training to a large number of European SMEs in how to manufacture new innovative chocolate pralines with high quality. The main S&T results obtained are well aligned with the objectives of the project as shown here:

Fat bloom and cracking of filled chocolates: issues for the European manufacturer?

Issue 3 2009  •  10 September 2009  •  Frédéric Depypere, Claudia Delbaere, Nathalie De Clercq & Koen Dewettinck, Laboratory of Food Technology and Engineering, Ghent University

The European chocolate manufacturing market, comprising over 2,000 companies and employing more than 200,000 people, has an annual turnover of approximately EUR 43 billion and exports chocolate for a value of more than three billion Euros. Specific for the European market is the large proportion (over 90 per cent) of small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) which compete against multinationals by producing exclusive and niche oriented products like filled chocolates.


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