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Assessing the influence of shape and sound symbolism on the consumer’s response to chocolate

Issue 2 2014  •  1 May 2014  •  Charles Spence, Crossmodal Research Laboratory, Oxford University

The new rounded Cadbury’s Dairy Milk chocolate bar has got many consumers agitated because they say it tastes sweeter than the original more rectangular bar. But the company says that the formulation hasn’t changed. Who is right? This furore can perhaps be explained with reference to the literature on shape symbolism. People associate sweetness with roundness and angularity with bitterness, hence making a traditionally rectangular food rounder may alter the perceived taste by priming notions of sweetness in the consumer’s mind. When taken together with the emerging literature on sound symbolic brand naming, it would appear that the confectionary market could learn a trick or two from the psychology lab.

World first scientific research in Singleton Sensorium proves environment impacts taste and flavour of whisky

Industry news  •  9 October 2013  •  

Research results prove environment enhances taste and flavour…


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