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pre-crystallisation - Articles and news items

Eco-friendly fat crystallisation

Issue 1 2015  •  9 March 2015  •  Geoff Talbot; Helga Manson; Krish Bhaggan

In this era of ever more rapid throughput in food processes, maximising aspects such as crystallisation are of major importance. In fat-based products it is not always as easy as simply cooling the product a bit more and hoping that it will speed things up sufficiently because many fats supercool and need a helping hand as far as crystallisation is concerned. That ‘helping hand’ comes in the form of crystallisation starters and promoters…

Propraline project delivers a number of solutions for chocolate industry to improve praline quality

Issue 1 2012  •  6 March 2012  •  Lilia Ahrné, Coordinator, ProPraline and Director Process and Technology Development at SIK – Swedish Institute for Food and Biotechnology

The ProPraline project is now finalised and after three years of intensive research, the project has delivered a number of solutions. Four booklets containing scientific information to help SMEs to produce pralines of high quality and extended shelf-life have been developed during the project and are now available to download on ProPraline external website: www.sik.se/propraline.

The objective of the ProPraline project has been to improve the competitiveness of the European SMEs producing exclusive, complicated and niche-oriented filled products like chocolate pralines by developing knowledge and technical solutions to improve quality and to extend the shelf-life of their products. Moreover, the project, through SMEs associations, has provided demonstration and training to a large number of European SMEs in how to manufacture new innovative chocolate pralines with high quality. The main S&T results obtained are well aligned with the objectives of the project as shown here:


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